Juin 2018


Cocktail reception on the theme of Italy for RBC Mobilier in the Quai Rambaud in Lyon.
NMP associate with Notorious Pig to offer of the good food to 180 guests who joined the evening.

Our waiters Hugo and Mégane undermined in chic style served as the Cabbage stocked with cream of artichoke and Italian-style soft white cheese, with the bresaola in the pesto, the shavings of Parmesan cheese and fresh basil to remind the Italian cooking but also of the tiramisu and the tosca in almonds for a smack sweetened in mouth. And why not a glass of prosecco Italian to taste all this.
Yummy, Yummy!!

In the mixo, Pauline and Mael served one of their specialities, you will have guess? Spritz of course.

And yes we know also how to play Italian-style.

Juin 2018


Who says inauguration says cocktail reception for Citadium in Lyon.
NMP collab with the ÚNICO Caterer delighted 400 dinner guests for this evening.

We had a bar magnum to liven up this event, our waiters naturally served as the soft drink but also some champagne and the good beer not to make jealous.


Mai 2018


The Parisian agency The Alternative organized the Inauguration night of the shop Dr Martens in Lyon, and No More Penguins accompanies them with Notorious Pig.

For 120 participants, Geoffrey waiter, Enzo the barman and Caroline the mixo were present all all in black. We love.

There was of Pig' not ships, Brochette of cooked sausage pistaché and mustard sauce, or still of Bun Veggie and the stuck Cabbage cream of dill, smoked salmon and dill fresh as meal.

To drink beer the canute, the
home-made juice, and the cocktails sweet green and genegroni.

We adore!

Mai 2018

It’s work for Bonne Maman.

The agency Passage pieton sets up the operation “the day Good Mom “during an evening in the Barge Atlantic Concorde in Paris.

For this occasion they recreate in several spaces the universe of the brand, by reconstituting a decorations good childhood such as a room, to symbolize the brand image.

NMP collaborate with TWENTY PEAS and served the good food like always.

To the service Léonard, Stéphane and Alexia treated the participants with salted delights, between Creams of avocado the lime and the Espelette chili, the roasted pine nuts, the fresh herbs served in its small mug Good Mom and Small salted cabbage ricotta, pine nuts, sundried tomatoes and basil.

But not that, lunch formats with mini Burger grilled eggplants, mozzarella, fried onions, sundried tomatoes, basil and mini bagels cream cheese bilberry pastarami and fine cheddar joins the party.

For drinks we have champagne like we love.

Thanks Bonne Maman.

Mai 2018

Nespresso entreactes

The Fooding and NMP make stopover in Cannes on the occasion of its famous festival for the Big Battle of guides Fooding vs Michelin in the nespresso beach.

Four dinners were organized by movie stars with their favorite head chef, a battle in a festive atmosphere puts forward 3 head chef of the Guide Fooding and 3 head chef of the guide MICHELIN such as the restaurant The Servan (prize of the best bar guides Fooding 2015) versus the restaurant Flocons de sel (Michelin 3 stars 2018) in a friendly competition around dishes symbolizing their cooking.

More than 300 guests to fill for this event our mixos Benjamin, Romain and Ali lent themselves to the games with Pineapple Expresso and In the Moutai for love, our waiters Arthur, Sandro, Emilie, Maud, Camille and Tom also served drinks on the platter.

Cannes in all its splendor.

Mai 2018

E-mehari celebrates its 50 years.

An evening for 50 years of Mehari, Citroën car in Partnership with Castelbajac, the automobile brand want NMP service.
For this occasion we had the presentation of E-Méhari, the car specially drawn by the famous designer Castelbajac.

The event took place to IDEM, in a very atypical place, where they make old impressions, via very big machines with impression, and home-made techniques.

For this event, we have a photocall, a DJ, and lighting effects. Cool or not?

NMP teamed up with the caterer ID Buffet and we had a good food as we like.

Our waiters Dimitri, Alexandre, Paul, Conan and Marine treated our hosts with Mini bagels to the salmon, the dill and the cheese, narrow-minded Healthy: Flan/Cookies curry radish, Financiers' assortments and many of the other delicacies.

Also some champagne, the Moscow mule but not that, for accompanied the food.

E-méhari, we buy.

Mai 2018


Cocktail party as part of the Now Services evening at Port Rambaud.
NMP & Notorious Pig his acolyte have win all the hearts with good food and cocktails very harmonious.

A hundreds participants for a rather cozy atmosphere.

The service was provided by Nicolas, Gaëlle, Louise, Milena and Mégane to brighten up your taste buds, our two mixos Enzo and Pauline have once again sent some heavy with jovial, positive, and exotic just for you.

Between alcoholic shoots with oysters, Ice pig, salads creation or Sweet Tree, we know to liven up the crowd.

Mai 2018


At the opening reception of the congress of art schools in La Sorbonne,
Maison Arnaud LOHYER have recourse to the service with attitude of NMP to treat the 700 guests present at this event.

We had food on a platter and drink at will for the biggest appetites, frozen round radishes in a salty butter from Jean-Yves Bordier or makis duck foie gras from the moors, served by our waiters who hit again strong.

What's more chic than a glass of champagne to impress guests?

Mai 2018


Ready for an exclusive culinary tasting session with some of the best chefs in French and world cuisine?

Join to this event 800 guests to celebrate French gastronomy, 10 pairs of chefs, emblematic figure duets were put forward composed of a foreign chef Fooding Guide and his French chef acolyte.

In service NMP flows a very good wine to better appreciate these free-trade between culinary worlds.

What more could you ask to savor these gourmet blends.

Mai 2018


WE LOVE ART imagined TINDER LIVE SESSIONS, a concept of a musical match evening between Roméo Elvis and Swing, two artists with different universes who meet for an unprecedented show in front of a madness public in an exceptional gallery in the XIth arrondissement in Paris.

Never seen, an exclusive experience, fascinating fusion of icons of the current scene!
And that's a harsh match. An encounter sublimated by an immersive installation with colors and moving patterns.

Service provided by our cream of the crop, between flashy, tinderitas and superlike there was more than a perfect match, a magical union between musical universe and world of mixology.

We love! Finding love has never been so festive.

Avr. 2018


Good atmosphere at Atelier B Bordeaux!

For employees of the Sud Ouest newspaper, Kenza & Camille served the pretty food on a platter.

The cocktail service provided by our two favorite mixos of the region Aymeric & Charles, between mojito and spring spritz we turn upside down the flavors.

Fun novelty we have tested the beer service from below BEER UP-SYSTEM.

It was good and it was the first for Camille.

Welcome to you!

Avr. 2018


Spring is here, the desire to travel is more and more felt and the bags are ready to take off.

Paul Smith, has, to make up for all this frustrations, organize a cocktail in his shop of the 6th district of Paris.

Our waiters Paul & Arthur happy to wear the stylish t-shirts of the brand, have served Moscow Mule & Spring Spritz in a fashion and warm atmosphere.

Palms and alcohol often mix well.

Mars 2018


From March 15 to 19, No More Penguins chill with Fuze Tea, Coca Cola's new refreshing drink of tea, plant aromas and juices.
Four days of performance in the Bachaumont gallery, transformed for the occasion into an ephemeral Pop-up store.

In the program of this original place, learn to do nothing and question his relationship to time. The place named “Pop-up De Rien”, is thought of as an artistic exhibition with discoveries of all kinds, both sensory and taste. One word of order: disconnect and take care of yourself!

NMP have invented for the event of cotton candy hanging balloons, softness and lightness.

And for the biggest appetite, “financiers” lemon / chamomile, mini cake with orange, mango tartlet with peach and lemon donuts Season Traiteur accompany the snack.

A good moment of relaxation until the arrival of spring.

Mars 2018


Fifty years after the death of Foujita in 1968, the Maillol museum honors the luminous and rare work of the most oriental painters of Montparnasse.

Joris, Paul, Jean, Stéphane, Marc and Jérémi served the 700 guests of the vernissage at the end of the exhibition.

Our boy’s crew be up to the works of the artist.

For this beautiful exhibition, more than 100 paintings and watercolors reveal the art of Foujita during the 1920s, his Parisian years.

Thank you for the cultural invitation!

Mars 2018


The brand Monki, hit hard to satisfy its customers more and more.
At the inauguration of his second Parisian store on March 02, 2018, Monki decided to put his suitcases in the heart of the capital, at 128 rue de Rivoli.

Sybille & Morgane were well prepared: 200 influencers to satisfy in 3 hours, had to do it.
By way of Cointreau Fizz & by means of Cointreau Fizz Strawberry-Mint, they drink series of the girlys cocktails and instagrammable, the art of agile work and well done.

A tangy disco pop atmosphere, upholstered ceilings and shiny accessories, for the opening of its largest flagship in the world, Monki deploys its concept "Monki World" in all its splendor.

Coded merchandising: fantasy, balloons and sparkles everywhere.

A day of rhythmic shopping with live sound: DJ on turntables and artists including Tara, New Vogue, Epsilove, Eugenie.

Thank you Monki, my love.

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