Culinary art direction

A Customised Menu

No More Penguins calls up its collaborators, chefs, producers and designers around your brief. It is the moment for us to soak up the atmosphere of the event, the local tradition, the venue.
There are no boundaries, our secret underwater lab allows us to think big, to gather numerously, to deliver far. NMP Traiteur is perfectly suited to challenges, although, unfortunately, there will never be asparagus in January.

A Unique Event

All formats: buffet, meal trays, street-food, gastronomic delights, breakfasts.
Our menus are exalted by elegant tableware, smart or quirky, always consistent, never tuned. All coupled with a service made in NMP Service, with costume or jeans, discreet or accomplice, inevitable smile.

With regards to the scenery, we would be glad to whisper some recommendations to you.

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